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Still running marathons, already achieved my goal of fifty marathons before turning fifty!

1987 Los Angeles
1998 Rock n Roll (San Diego)
           Portland – 37 degrees at the start
1999 Pacific Shoreline (Huntington Beach)
          Los Angeles
          Rock n Roll
          San Francisco
           Silicon Valley
          California International(Sacramento)
2000 San Diego
          Los Angeles
           Big Sur
           Rock n Roll
  Top of Utah (Logan, started at 5850 ft and snowed most of the way    down)
2001 Pacific Shoreline
           Los Angeles
            Rock n Roll
            San Francisco
   Baton Rouge Beach (Louisiana)
   Western Hemisphere (Culver City)
2002 San Diego
          Los Angeles
           Rock n Roll
            San Francisco
           Long Beach
2003 Pacific Shoreline
          Los Angeles
           Rock n Roll
           Long Beach
           Death Valley (run at 200 feet below sea level)
2004   Rock N Roll Arizona (Phoenix)
           Los Angeles (93 degrees)
           Country Music (Nashville)
           Rock N Roll
           Relay for Life, 100 laps- 25 miles on a track, not counted as a marathon
           Santa Clarita
           Orange County  - rained most of the way
2005 Los Angeles – 85 degrees
        Rock n Roll
         Relay for Life, 100 laps
          San Francisco – Ran over the Golden Gate Bridge     
          Long Beach – cool and drizzly
          Santa Clarita – one of my fastest, despite a cold
          Las Vegas – 43 degrees at a fireworks 6am start, but my 3rd fastest

2006 Orange County – Hilly, but my 4th fastest, Gloria ran the last 2 miles with me
        Pacific Shoreline – Foggy at the start, ran with first timers – Julie and Chris
        Los Angeles – Cool and partly cloudy, my fastest LA ever, 4:24
        Spirit of St. Louis – Rolling hill course, cool at the start, 4:15
        Palos Verdes – Very hilly, but a gorgeous view. Gloria met and ran some with me.     Roger greeted me       at         mile 10
        Rock n Roll – Number 50! With about a year to go, 4:20 with a five minute stop to wait for a first-timer
        San Francisco – Did a 4:35, 40 minutes faster than last year. Hills zapped my legs. Bryan came up with me
       New Mexico – 4:22. No potties, had to go in the bushes at mile 5 and use my hat. 1st half, 2:15 2nd Half – 2:07. Must have wasted like 10 minutes
         Long Beach – 4:09:30, my second fastest. Finished with Cory at USD student and age division winner at 18
        Santa Clarita – 4:27, felt horrible
        Santa Monica Mountains – supposed to be a 5k, pulled out at 42k, over 4500 feet elevation gain
        Las Vegas – 4:40, had to poop twice, ran a bit with a lady who did a 50 the day before
2007 OC Marathon 4:49, windy and Hot. Gloria ran the last three miles with me
        Pacific Shoreline – Hot again 4:30, Glo ran the last 3 miles with me
        Los Angeles, - new course, started at Universal Studios, 4:33